“Homosexuality is all about sex.”

No.  The word heterosexual is not generally used for straight people. However, the word homosexual is definitely used to label gays and lesbians in Pakistan. Since the word ‘sex’ appears in homosexual, most people wrongly believe that the issues of gays and lesbians revolve around sexual activity. Most gays and lesbians who are newly coming out do not necessarily have exposure to stable long term stable same gender couples. It is also possible that may end up being propositioned by individuals whose values on sexual activity are quite relaxed. As such, newly coming out gay and lesbian youth and adults may also want to confirm that stereotype. Once again, nothing could be further from the truth. Gay and lesbian relationships can be as mundane as any other relationship, and are as varied as all other kinds of relationships. They involve love, commitment, sacrifice and a lot of work. The issues generally are about every day life ranging from buying groceries, paying bills to planning for buying a house or a car. Perhaps the only added dimension is having to deal with prejudice and homophobia not just in Pakistan but all around the world.