Key Concepts

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Bisexuality (دو جنسیت) is an enduring pattern of sexual and emotional attraction and inclination towards both men and women. This means that it is possible for a bisexual person to fall in love with either a man or a woman, and to have sexual and emotional relationships with either men or women.

Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation (جنسی میلان ) can be defined as an enduring pattern of sexual and emotional attraction or inclination towards members of any gender. This includes heterosexuality (male-female attraction); homosexuality (male-male or female-female attraction), bisexuality (attraction towards men and women both) and pansexuality (attraction towards members of any gender). All of these attractions are natural and normal.


Zanana is a term that refers to people whose biological sex is male, but who dress in women’s clothing, use female pronouns for themselves and consider thesmevles to be women. Zananas live in traditional communities of trans women and tend to earn their living by begging, celebrating weddings, mourning at funerals and, sometimes, sex work.